Harmony to all companions, Everything is in your grasp and benefits won’t make you pause in the event that you take a gander at the venture. What’s more, today I need to offer a promising venture. Dear companions, welcome to my blog! Today I will discuss ICO ventures that are exceptionally bizarre and fascinating. We will talk about how USAVE applies blockchain innovation in a decentralized industry and the advancement of the crypto network, and also examine insights about the ICO in detail.

On this site https://usave.io You can visit the “Group” area and see the profile of every representative on Linkedin, and you can likewise observe the whole Usave group. Here you can counsel and dissect the same number of individuals’ encounters as you need.

Selim FENDI – Founder, CEO of

Hirander MISRA – Co-Founder, Head of Application

Blockchain Azzedine OUARAB-Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Sami TAVERNA-Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Tony HARROP-Co-Founder, Tech/Business Advisor

What’s happening with WE

Without precedent for history, we made a biological framework dependent on blockchain innovation. We can rediscover the gold supply from the mine to the refinery

We give metals in natural conditions, store them in safe safes at

Aside from being unjustified, the purchaser is likewise ensured by the gold extraction to have been completed in legitimate and sound conditions

Track: from mine to buyer, followed with certain equipment

Safe: U.SAVE Ecosystem makes a sheltered space

Market: beyond any doubt it is invalid from the tidiness of gold

Straightforwardness: on account of the utilization of open blockchain, everybody can test and interface the beginning of gold

In charge of the earth: we guarantee the earth totally, without utilizing hazardous synthetic items, however we are likewise not ok for diggers as well

Trade: impermanent

The Usave Ecosystem is a worldwide arrangement fit for following, securing and offering green gold utilizing circulated bookkeeping innovation (“DLT”), in view of the blockchain. What’s more, he likewise clarified the advantages for all members in executing the DLT for gold mining, handling and exchange trade, and also for the improvement and usage of the arrangement.

The USAVE biological community is a decent option in contrast to current gold generation and conveyance guidelines: a naturally neighborly gold store network from excavators to associated gear, which records creation inside the system of blockchain innovation to track and pay reasonable, physical-gold trade, which enables access to physical, traceable gold that empowers human change in the mountain network.


The principal result of this new model is the social upset for mechanical, semi-modern and little scale mining associations or specialists, their families and networks. This guarantees the budgetary security of little and craftsman excavators by ensuring reasonable installments for their work and conveying the gold they mine to the authentic gold mining industry (“gold that is ecologically mindful”) as opposed to the casual or dark economy. This helps mechanical and semi-modern mining organizations meet ESG norms and add to

Aurum reasonable advancement

Aurum Monaco will go about as an ecologically mindful processor, Aurum Trade will put resources into creation contracts with accomplice mines. Hence, the Group will be the primary provider of gold that is earth capable in the usave environment.


Monaco Vault, a cutting edge safe that will secure gold under the control of their key accomplice BRINK with protection from Lloyd’s of London.

In a joint effort with our accomplices GMEX Group, the main specialist organization and trade innovation on the planet, a physical gold trade will be framed; this will give a compelling exchanging answer for perilous cryptographic money.

The USAVE Token will be an advanced resource that associates the whole USAVE environment together and adds to the ceaseless enhancement of the physical gold market. This will be utilized as an installment apparatus just for the USAVE environment among all go-betweens. Usave endeavors to guarantee that the ASave tokens give an exhaustive answer for offset the cryptographic money portfolio with genuine resources.

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The Usave.io stage economy is worked around an inward USAVE token. The USAVE Token will be utilized as an essential installment and trade device on the Blockchain to guarantee smoother exchanges at lower costs for all members in the esteem chain.

Detail ICO

Name of USAVE tokens

Pre-Sale token costs – 1 USAVE = 0.895 €

Cost of General Sales tokens – USAVE 1 = 0.94 €

Stage Ethereum

SoftCap-5,000,000 EUR

Hard Cap-130,000,000 EUR

Cash got – BTC, ETH, LTC , Dash, Doge, fiat

For what reason do you need to help this task:

Usave Team, obviously, all representatives work for the organization’s advantages and are constantly prepared to help regardless. They are constantly related and not lost from sight. All things considered, right now, when we discuss ICO ventures, this reality is imperative.

All models made by the Usave advancement group are in general society space, now you can peruse and attempt this framework.

The pioneers of this undertaking have extraordinary involvement in doing this sort of business and Usave, will succeed. Coming up next is the undertaking’s proficient group:

The pioneers of this venture have the best involvement in running such organizations, and Usave will succeed. Coming up next is the venture’s proficient group:

Selim FENDI – Founder, CEO

Hirander MISRA – Co-Founder, Head of the Blockchain Application

Azzedine OUARAB – Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Sami TAVERNA – Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Tony HARROP – Co-Founder, Tech/Business Advisor

On this site https://usave.io You can visit the “Group” segment and see the profile of every worker on Linkedin, and you can likewise observe the whole Usave group. Here you can counsel and investigate the same number of individuals’ encounters as you need.


Usave partook in different crypto, blockchain gatherings, marked a genuine contract.

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