//Smart Valley ICO Report

Smart Valley ICO Report

What is This All About?

One would think that Smart Valley is about high-tech investment – in relation to Silicon Valley; alternatively, this unique platform presents an analog with broader applicability in crypto-investment. Connecting investors to right projects, reinforcing investment decisions, generate funds for crypto projects with the most promising prospects and preserving the integrity of ICO conventions throughout the globe. One of the most confusing state for cryptocurrency investors is the rigorous exercise in discerning which ICO would make it and if they are good for the short, mid or long-term investment. This would usually require doing a thorough assessment of whitepapers, company profile, tech support and team structure or even as far as looking out for influential advisors.

Also, project developers tend to find it challenging when they are not appealing enough to members of the cryptocurrency space, especially when they don’t meet up with their expectations (softcap) or roadmap objectives early during the ICO stages.


Smart Valley Ecosystem


Smart Valley creates an ecosystem for easy and secure investment decision; it may well be the next best thing to ICO review websites. Only in this case, the system collaborates efforts from investors, project supporters and experts who form the crypto community. Cryptocurrency and ICOs alike have truly transformed how traditional investment opportunities are viewed by the masses, and with decentralized ledger technology, it has shortened the distance between experienced investors, noobs and project developers. While this circle continues to simplify itself, soon it would be even more challenging to comprehend how investment in crypto projects work without a proper incentive.

Smart Valley provides a series of solution that mitigates against the high risks involved in the crypto investment. While its central idea revolves around project assessment and access to the most promising ICO project, it also has its own worth which is dependent on the interaction between project supporters/investors and the project developers who use the system’s token to exchange ‘value’.


Smart Valley Project Process


Once a project goes through the platform to launch its product, investors, experts and members of the token’s community assess the usability of the project along with its MVP if available and cast votes according to their token stakes on the platform. This voting goes a long way to determine which project the platform itself will fund in order to support them, and in exchange, the platform receives the project’s tokens. In the long run, the platform’s internal token reduces in number as they are burned once used. The ecosystem then becomes a decentralized repository for high profile project’s tokens which the community through their expertise has vouched for – they have tagged it as a token store. The platform’s unique scoring system uses experts from various fields, to ascertain qualitative ratings. They currently have a prototype (MVP) for the platform which works as an alpha version to the main product, with basic review and competence score by experts. On the developers’ side, projects stand a chance to hone their potentials and present themselves before qualified and experienced crypto analysts who can understand their projects even better, rather than scouting and roaming crypto space in search of supporters and backers. On a single platform, their worth is evaluated and the opportunity also presents itself to land more than sufficient investors.


The system is automated; hence direct manipulation of reviews is not possible as project assessment covers financial potential, blockchain functionality, legal aspects, founders’ background and risk evaluation. With the solutions provided by Smart Valley, exposure to high-risk investments and scams are drastically reduced.

Crowdsale Analysis – Details & Token Supply

SVT is Smart Valley’s utility token; as an internal currency for the ecosystem, it grants users of the platform the opportunity to access the services rendered. It also accords owners of the token the right to vote during project examination and also, it allows them to purchase ICO-project tokens which must have gone through the vetting process on the platform with a whopping 80% discount.

Total Token Supply: Not Disclosed (dependent on ICO sale phases and bonuses)

Token Type: Ethereum ERC20 standard

Token Distribution: Sale – 75%

SMART Valley Team, Bounty, Early Investors, Advisers – 25%


Moreover-Smart Valley

It is hard for investors to evaluate an ICO and distinguish between a great idea and a scam; it is even harder for founders to develop a quality ICO and launch it legally. But we have a solution. Smart Valley is a powerful system for ICO project assessment and development – with a combination of unique scoring tool, expert knowledge, and crowd wisdom. A community of top-class experts from across the globe will offer their services to founders, helping to launch ICOs that are legal and secure. What’s more, investors will be there, too – ready to finance the best projects. Smart Valley is a dynamic ecosystem that can give rise to new unicorns – visionary startups worth billions that will revolutionize the business. Smart Valley is happy to announce that token presale starts on December 1 – if you join before December 10, you will get a 20% bonus on SVT tokens! Our investors can expect a fast growth of the SVT token already in the first 6 months after the ICO – up to x25, according to various scenarios studied by ICOLab, the ICO accelerator behind Smart Valley. Why such high estimates? It’s simple: Smart Valley provides solutions desperately needed by the whole industry – a way to select the best projects, fight scams, launch high-quality legal ICOs, provide experts with top jobs they deserve, and yes – help projects raise money. By purchasing our tokens during the presale, you get full access to all projects on our platform and increase your chances to become the first investor of a new unicorn startup! Wouldn’t you like to invest in the next Uber or AirBnB?. Advantages for investors do not end here, however. Tokens of many of the projects that successfully pass our scoring will be available to investors in our Token Store with an amazing x5 bonus! Here you can learn more about the advantages we offer. At the heart of Smart Valley is a unique scoring system: projects are scored on multiple criteria by experts in a number of fields, from marketing to law. A good project score will act as a hallmark of quality, instantly attracting investors’ attention. We will also provide our expert scoring services to projects developed by our partners – the ICO facilitator ICOBox and the crowdfunding platform KICKICO. Thanks to this partnership, even more safe, high-potential ICO projects will be available to investors.


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Website : https://smartvalley.io/

Whitepaper : https://smartvalley.io/files/WP_en.pdf

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