GoRecruit is an AI framework dependent on blockchain innovation. Artificial intelligence assesses possibility for various positions by breaking down information from freely accessible sources and interpersonal organizations. This made a totally new way to deal with assessing hopefuls.

The examination of open information and online life accounts has helped us fundamentally diminish the time and cost of staff choices, along these lines enhancing the nature of competitor appraisal.

What is GoRecruit extraordinary?

Help organizations manage the accompanying issues:

Hard to survey the applicant.

Absence of trust in the applicant’s expert abilities and work understanding.

Oblivious bias during the time spent assessing applicants.

Imbalance in sex, religion, nation ….

The expense of procuring staff is high.

Biological communities

How it functions

In only 3 stages, you can without much of a stretch settle on an employing choice:

Stage 1: Send welcome

Do you have a few applicants?

Send them solicitations through email, SMS or QR-code.

Stage 2: View the positioning of the candidate

After the activity candidate acknowledges the welcome, GoRecruit at that point gathers and breaks down information from interpersonal organizations and representatives to demonstrate to you an exhaustive candidate appraisal.

Stage 3: Compare the candidate and select the best competitor

Utilize GoRecruit best to think about occupation candidates and just meeting the best of them.

General data GRT code

The GRT Notifier, or RecruitCoin, is a token of the GoRecruit venture based on a shrewd card. The token economy GoRecruit depends on the utilization of GRT as an installment medium.

The GRT code can be utilized to pay for all administrations and also exchanges between GoRecruit clients. This methodology makes the token similarly advantageous and valuable for both experienced and non-comfortable clients with electronic cash.

Appropriation token

GoRecruit today

Quickly developing items, working with finish engineering and frameworks that gather information from online networking and openly accessible sources.

Master rating calculation with easy to use interface

One anticipate has been effectively tried in organizations with in excess of 1,000 representatives

A few administrations have been utilized by 470 organizations.


The world is changing quick, and associations can never again disregard endless changes. Innovation presently assumes an essential job in the activities of the HR office. Their ordinary action has been changed significantly with the development of a developing number of online administrations. Procedures in the HR framework are presently mechanized, for instance, bookkeeping and staff preparing, aggregate rewards, rewards and pay, a few organizations even have pernicious projects. Lead meets and give examination upon fulfillment. Real changes in HR are identified with the utilization of computerized reasoning in faculty forms.

At present, AI-based calculations can choose CVs, find inside hopefuls and attractive profiles of elite representatives, even translate video meets and give data on the best way to A candidate will work. In the following 5 years, man-made reasoning will totally change the customary businesses, for example, staff. Later on, a faculty choice might be made by AI rather than a HR staff. GoRecruit utilizes achievement man-made reasoning innovation and is a pioneer in this field for advanced HR. We anticipate making an item that can supplant HR later on.


GoRecruit is an AI enrollment framework dependent on blockchain innovation. Man-made intelligence rates work possibility for

different positions by investigating information from openly accessible sources and interpersonal organizations.

GoRecruit encourages organizations to manage such issues as:

• Difficulty and work force of assessing hopefuls.

• Lack of trust in competitor’s expert aptitudes and occupation encounter.

• Unconscious predisposition in hopeful appraisal process.

• Employment imbalance based on sex, national starting point, religious doctrine, handicap, and so on.

• High expenses of contracting choices for businesses.

The proficiency of the framework has been tried in organizations with a staff of in excess of 1000 individuals.

GoRecruit is utilized by in excess of 470 organizations.

GoRecruit is an online stage that utilizes SaaS appropriation demonstrate. The framework depends on

blockchain, which guarantees that hopefuls’ information are secure and dependable, and besides, it is the

principle innovation behind our own installment framework.

The assets raised because of an ICO will be spent on the item improvement, and additionally covering

costs of entering universal markets.

Emanation of the GRT token dependent on the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum blockchain stage

is restricted to the underlying discharge. No future discharges are arranged. Add up to supply of tokens is

8 275 642 GRT. Beginning expense of one GRT is $3.

Amid the ICO, it is required to appropriate 65% (5 379 167 GRT) of aggregate supply: at the phase of presale

— 900 000 GRT (700 000 GRT — private pre-deal, 200 000 — open pre-deal), at the stage

of open deal — 4 479 167 GRT. Accomplices will get 14% of tokens, group — 10%, adjustment

finance — 10%, abundance — 1%.

GRT tokens can be utilized to pay for all administrations, and in addition for exchanges between GoRecruit clients.

Contingent upon the measure of assets raised because of the ICO, it is required to circulate them

as pursues:

Item improvement — from 31% to 33%

Authoritative expenses — from 4% to 9%

Legitimate costs — from 2,4% to 12%

Experts — from 4,8% to 10%

Promoting — from 37,5% to 55%

Assets got amid the private token pre-deal will be utilized as an interest in promoting at

people in general pre-deal arrange. Also, the assets raised amid general society presale will be utilized for

showcasing at the principle token deal arrange.

A further increment in GRT token esteem is because of the accompanying components:

• GRT is an utility token with a property of inborn liquidity.

• ICO will enable GoRecruit to enter the worldwide market, which will definitely prompt an expansion in

interest for GRT tokens because of the consistent deluge of new clients.

• The normal expense of the conventional assessment of one competitor runs somewhere in the range of $102 and $136,

which gives an extraordinary potential to development of GoRecruit’s client base. It invigorates consistent

interest for tokens and ascend in their esteem.

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