//Karat Bank Coin_ A Revolutionary action that will change the way we exchange Currencies

Karat Bank Coin_ A Revolutionary action that will change the way we exchange Currencies

The short answer is “No” we needn’t bother with more trick coins.

Notwithstanding, the great people behind Karatbars International deferentially differ and propelled an ICO to raise 72 MILLION US DOLLARS worth of KBC (and now and then called KGC) tokens.

Source: KaratBank’s Whitepaper

It’s vague precisely how much the task raised to date, yet we know it was led by Harald Seiz, German conceived money related expert normally alluded to as-fellow in the stay with the coolest handkerchiefs. You may recall him as the maker the Multi-Level-Marketing (Ponzi) plot including cards with pieces a gold connected to them and a Singapore based organization called KaratBank.

This incidentally pyramid-like structure discloses how to enlist others to function, while you gather detached commission based wage!

As per their whitepaper; “The KaratGold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptographic money that is connected to physically stored gold as the alleged CashGold. A specific number of KaratGold Coins can be traded for the fitting measure of CashGold whenever.”

What is CashGold?

CashGold are essentially cards/notes containing 1-6 grams of gold on it. The idea of appending gold to paper media, considering it a “global installment implies..” at that point offering it for 43% over it’s equitable esteem isn’t really a terrible idea. Advertising plans aside, purchasers ought to just know about what they’re obtaining and that the benefit of connecting gold to paper may not mean real resource appreciation.

In the event that I purchase tokens will I have the capacity to really trade them for CashGold items??

Perhaps, however presumably not.

Additionally down in their whitepaper it’s clarified that, “There is no assurance that clients can obtain adequate KaratGold Coin for their utilization inside the KaratGold Coin Ecosystem and outside stages nor is there a certification that clients can money out their KaratGold Coin by means of outer stages. Moreover, every KaratGold Coin holder normally conveys the danger of unpredictable conversion scale changes of the KaratGold Coin towards both different digital currencies and Fiat cash trade rates.”

Which means…

Despite the fact that, the site professes to have it’s tokens effectively recorded on HitBTC and YObit.net, (they aren’t) they still can’t seem to set up the valuing of their tokens. This implies, outside of spit-balling a “4%” figure in a video, Harald Seiz and his comrades haven’t built up a genuine equality incentive to trade their tokens for GoldCash, with the end goal to evade the danger of bringing about a misfortune in the trade.

Alright, yet in any event KaratGold Coins are fastened to the estimation of CashGold somehow or another…

Another reverberating NO. Nitty gritty in on pg. 13, area 2.3.4 of their whitepaper it expresses, “The KaratGold Coin is a theoretical coin. In spite of the fact that the returns from the offer of the KaratGold Coin will for the most part

be utilized for the buy of CashGold, the KaratGold Coin isn’t pegged to the obtained CashGold. Thusly, the

improvement of the estimation of the KaratGold Coin isn’t identified with the CashGold. An aggregate loss of the cash contributed

in the KaratGold Coin can’t be avoided.” This fundamentally distinguishes whatever the estimation of their token progresses toward becoming, it wont be identified with the estimation of their gold items.

So on the off chance that they aren’t pegged to ANY of their gold items including CashGold, by what means can these tokens have esteem?

This is the place it gets exceptionally fascinating:

In a video titled, “Following stages for KaratGold” Mr. Seiz starts making strong (absolutely unwarranted) claims in regards to KBC coins.

What does he say?

“KBC Coins are right now sponsored up coin with 4% gold. 120 kilo through and through put away in high security safe in next about fourteen days and will be confirmed by a worldwide law office.”

Mr. Seiz professes to have 1/12 of a metric of gold reserved simply out of legitimate review capable reach, however lets hold our breath that it will be here one week from now at some point…

“A joint endeavor assention has been marked between KaratGold Corporation and Gazelle Corporate Capital AG about the mine in Madagascar. 900 million was found and affirmed.”

Things being what they are “Gazelle Corporate Capital AG” or GCC, is an exploratory digging and mineral endeavor for lime, limestone and marble minerals, NOT GOLD and has no distributed relationship with any KaratGold/Bank element. I would assume his undisclosed “adventure understanding” is additionally created Also, the mine alluded to is Fort Dauhpin and it’s the one incorporated into a local, general review on their site. Be that as it may, the mine is at present associated with suit with various gatherings which incorporate QIT Madagascar mining, an Australian venture gathering and a provincial inborn government. None of the involved gatherings incorporate a Mr. Harald Seiz or partners.

“Obtained a completely authorized bank called “Karat Coin Bank” in Miami. Completely operational by mid-June. We claim one of the world’s first crypto keeps money with a full permit.”

Another ambiguous explanation that a basic investigation into the corporate name “Karat Coin Bank” with the Florida Corporate Commission that showed up as non-presence, or notwithstanding anything with a comparable brand. The addresses gave likewise divert to non-existent areas.

“We’ll work starting now and into the foreseeable future with 3 of the biggest gold merchants in Asia, with offers of a few hundred million per day.” and “later on we will utilize our KaratGold Coin for gold exchanges as a money. This week we will be recorded on Hit BTC one of the greatest trades around the world. What’s more, we will likewise get Binance installed.”

Likely false and totally false. With ZERO proof of a gold save or distributed proprietorship rights to ANY mineral discoveries, there most likely won’t be a considerable measure of exchanging going on. To the extent HitBTC, a basic side trip over to their site (https://hitbtc.com/) will turn up NO KaratGold Coins recorded accessible for trade.

In Summary

I exceedingly exhort anybody inspired by this identifiably esteem less token, appended to a MLM plan to do their very own examination before acquiring. Actually all the proof exhibited with regards to the estimation of this token and some other cases are totally unwarranted and have been displayed soley by Mr. Seiz and his association through his site and recordings. All cases being given ZERO validating reports that build up ANY proprietorship or metric of physical hold security.

Does that mean you shouldn’t get it in the expectations that it may inclined to a trade one day and you could dump it quickly?


In any case, if a dumbfounded trade DOES chooses to show it one day, I’d exceptionally suggest exchanging this and any token fixing to non-existent save resources IMMEDIATELY.

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