//FuzeX-The Smartest Way of Spending Cryptocurrencies

FuzeX-The Smartest Way of Spending Cryptocurrencies

Here’s the Card that You could say that right now we have enough options of cryptocurrency expandable cards… And you are right! There are TenX, Monaco, Centra, TokenCard, and many more for you to choose from.

But FuzeX is not only a credit/debit card that enables you to spend cryptocurrency, it is much more! There is a whole ecosystem built by the FuzeX Card, the FuzeX Wallet and the Fuzex Exchange.In your personal ecosystem you can associate to the card t up to 15 cryptocurrency’s wallets, up to 10 debit/credit cards, and 5 discount/bonus cards.The cryptocurrency, FIAT exchange is done in real time with help from the FuzeX Exchange, so you can use your card anywhere anytime you want. Make spending all forms of currency (fiat, rewards, cryptocurrency), user and merchant friendly. You open your wallet and there they are: BTC, ETH, DASH, NEO, SALT etc. So nice to own, but so difficult to spend.

The real-world usability problems associated with cryptocurrencies have encouraged a number of companies to tackle this challenge. This particular challenge is a worthy cause as real-world usability is a major hurdle in establishing cryptocurrency’s legitimacy as a reliable and widely adoptable form of payment. Many of the contenders in this space have approached it with prepaid card solutions. While a logical approach, use cases can be limited to just a couple cryptocurrencies and acceptance by a limited number of merchants, thus, hampering adoption.


FuzeX is looking beyond. It seeks to deliver an innovative user experience as well as solve the cryptocurrency acceptance problem by introducing the FuzeX Ecosystem.



FuzeX Card: Drawing from experience and expertise in having already successfully developed, brought to market, and sold and shipped (magnetic stripe and barcode enabled) 30,000 Fuze Cards, the smart e-card that enables users to imbed up to 30 credit, debit, or rewards cards in one, the FuzeX Card will in addition offer multiple cryptocurrencies.


The Ultimate Smart All-in-One credit, debit, rewards, and cryptocurrencies e-Card

  • Imbed 30 credit, debit, rewards, and cryptocurrency accounts
  • EMV, NFC, Magnet Stripe, QR Code, and Bar Code for payment options
  • E-paper display to view balances • Built in buttons on the FuzeX card for authorization, security, confirmation, and payment selection


Once users have connected their various accounts to the FuzeX Ecosystem through the FuzeX Wallet app, users will be able to use their FuzeX card without having to pull out their smartphones.


FuzeX Wallet:

This is the hub for the FuzeX card and accounts management, this app allows users to store, spend, receive, and transfer tokens with the real-time exchange rate clearly displayed.

FuzeX Exchange:

The FuzeX Exchange is the core mechanism bringing world-wide cryptocurrency to reality. Our goal is such that users spend cryptocurrency on their FuzeX card, as they would on a regular card, and merchants receive fiat currency (USD, Euro, Yen, any local currency) as they currently do. In fact, besides, the eye-catching futuristic look of the card, merchants would not know the difference.

We accomplish this by accepting the cryptocurrencies FuzeX card users select to use in our FuzeX Exchange, then release the respective fiat currency to the merchant based on the market exchange rate. We adopt our FuzeX card to issuer standards and pay merchants in fiat currency. In doing so, we eliminate unreasonable overhead and resources required for individual cryptocurrencies to establish contracts with individual vendors for cryptocurrency payment acceptance, thus, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency payments and fiat payments.


FuzeX Blockchain:

The FuzeX Blockchain enables real time exchange and functions as our backend support for our FuzeX Ecosystem.


Armed with the technical know-how of engineers, blockchain specialists, programmers along with experienced marketing and business developers, the FuzeX’s team is dedicated to bringing future technology and solutions today. Apart from the usual magnetic strip and chip, this card also includes a small low energy screen, three buttons for some controls and a battery, Safety is the keyword this days and FuzeX didn’t want to stay behind, so they provide some features like two factor authentication both on the card with a PIN as in your mobile with an App password. There is also an option to connect your card directly to your phone thru Bluetooth and the card will only work if this connection is available. As said before you get a small display screen on your card, where you can see your digital resources and balance.

FuzeX card will also serve for receiving payments! The E-Parer display screen can also be used to display QR codes for your configurated cryptocurrency wallets. Android and iOS applications will also be available in order to use your smartphone as a complement to the FuzeX card. You can monitor transactions, top up the security levels and will also be available some discounts/bonus to the users.


Right now, the Pre-sale is open, and you get a 25% bonus upon your contribution. Minimum contribution is 5ETH. This pre-sale will run until mid-February. 20.000ETH soft cap was already reached and we are pass half way to the hard cap.



Token Sale


Start Date 15 January TBD

End Date 15 February TBD

Soft Cap 20.000 ETH TBD

Hard Cap 40.000 ETH TBD

Token Cap 240.000.000 FXT FXT

BONUS 25% Up to 10%

Tokens per ETH 12.000 FXT 12.000 FXT

Min. Purchase 5 ETH 0,1 ETH


The team is quite interesting! Big team, well discriminated in the main website. Its composed by a group of blockchain enthusiasts, payment specialists, business and marketing strategists. Some good advisors and good partnerships. The one that really made my mind was the one you can see in the first image! TaaS fund is not only an investor, but also a partner.

Old news is possibly a slight oxymoron, but see what our CMO Lu Song had to say when she featured in October’s issue of ICO Crowd. She was talking about cryptocurrency’s last major hurdle (and white elephant in the room) in it becoming a major contender to traditional fiat currencies; usability.

Cryptocurrency is continuing to surpass expectation and has already shown itself to be a good investment (if you enjoy riding the rollercoaster of daily fluctuations). But the inconvenience of being able to spend it in your day-to-day life has also hampered its potential for widespread adoption.

The interview and article echo our mission statement of making all forms of currency (fiat, rewards and cryptocurrency) user and merchant friendly. This mission statement is the essence of what our project is about. We’re not aiming to reinvent any wheels, but instead to implement the ability to spend your cryptocurrency into an already existing payment system.


Useful Links:


Website: https://www.fuzex.co/

ICO Data: https://www.icodata.io/coin/fuzex

Whitepaper: https://www.fuzex.co/#WHITEPAPER

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FuzeX.co/


My bitcointalk URL : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1503069