//CoinLion-The Symbol of Stable Blockchain

CoinLion-The Symbol of Stable Blockchain


Throughout history the lion has long been a symbol of stability, power and trust. For that reason, it has appeared on coins dating back as early as 600BC.Lion Coins are some the world’s oldest coins and were important in the creation of history’s first civilizations. Times and technology have changed, but the principles remain the same. CoinLion was founded on the symbolism the lion embodies and aims to be synonymous with a name user can trust. CoinLion is building the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform with built-in portfolio management, atomic swaps, publishing and promotional toolset, dual blockchain order book system, and token generation capabilities.

Using the ERC20 smart contract powered by Ethereum, CoinLion will introduce a token, LION, that interacts with the platform. Users can spend and earn LION in many ways, including creating and sharing portfolios, strategies, research and content relating to the management.

Existing Problems

Early applications used to trade and manage cryptocurrencies have been riddled with challenges. One of the first exchanges, GBL, a Chinese Bitcoin trading platform, was shut down in 2013 and lost nearly $5 million in customer Bitcoin. Mount GOX, one of the earliest and most prominent exchanges was shut down in 2014 and had lost nearly 390 million in customer Bitcoin. These exchanges have been challenged with security issues that have costs users millions of dollars. Exchanges available today are still limited. In addition to security issues, they have limited access to trading tools, customer service, research, liquidity and more.

CoinLion will solve the problems of existing exchanges and build the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange with built-in portfolio management, atomic swaps, dual blockchain order book system, research, analytics, social integration and token generation capabilities.


Value of CoinLion

CoinLion is building a simple yet powerful platform that enables users to not only exchange digital assets, but also earn and spend the native token, LION, for sharing portfolios research and strategies.

CoinLion is focused on improving issues facing existing exchanges:

o User accessibility and ease of use

o Managing multiple digital assets

o Access to information, research and tools

o Understanding Risk

o Legal Environment

o Security

o Customer Service


The pre-ICO is now live on the CoinLion website, offering a 40% bonus for pre-ICO contributors with a 10% additional bonus for contributions over 5 ETH.For every 1 Ether contributed, participants will receive 3,500 LION tokens. There is a minimum contribution amount of 0.1 Ether and a pre-ICO hard cap of 25,000,000 LION tokens.


ICO Information

The main ICO will begin on December 18, 2017 and will end on February 25, 2017. There are two phases offering various bonuses across each phase. There are a total of 250,000,000 CoinLion tokens (LION) available during the main ICO, representing 50% of the total LION supply. A hard cap of 250,000,000 LION tokens is set for this period and there is a soft cap of 2,000 Ether.

1 Ether = 2,500 LION (not including bonuses)

CoinLion is an ERC-20 token, so it’s important that contributors use ERC-20 compatible wallets to send funds to the ICO smart contract address, and to receive the CoinLion tokens. The address will be provided on the CoinLion website. Ether is the only accepted form of contribution and any unsold tokens will be burned.


Token Distribution Information

There are a total 500,000,000 LION tokens being created, with 250,000,000 available during main ICO. Contributors will receive their tokens immediately after the transaction is confirmed. Visit the CoinLion website for more information and the contribution address. All funds received from the ICO will be used for the development and operations of the CoinLion Platform:

65% Development

This includes the development of the CoinLion Platform and the recruitment of additional world class talent. A percentage of development funds will also be used to market and facilitate the ongoing operating costs such as servers and infrastructure.

15% Security

This includes auditing and compliance. CoinLion works tirelessly to ensure the security of all users’ holdings. CoinLion uses multiple security protocols to achieve the highest level of security for users. A portion of security funds will also be used to insure users funds against cyber-attacks.


15% Legal

Legal compliance is critical to CoinLion’s long-term success and stability. CoinLion currently has in house legal counsel. In addition, CoinLion will utilize outside legal resources to ensure the ongoing compliance. CoinLion will look to fully comply with all regulation.


5% Customer Service

CoinLion looks to be the most trusted digital asset trading platform, and understands customer service is fundamental in creating trust with users. CoinLion is adding to its customer service team, and will facilitate users’ inquiries via multiple channels, including dedicated phone support.

The purpose of the LION token allocation and use of funds is to support the long-term sustainability of the CoinLion Platform. A minimum of 10% of the total supply of LION will remain in reserve. This 10% serves as a buffer to ensure the stability of LION. The excess reserve, not subject to lockup, will be used to facilitate the growth platform and of the research and analytics library, as well as to reward users.

LION Held by The Team Lockout Periods:

6 months: 100%

1 year: 75%

1.5 years: 50%

2 years: 0%

LION Held by CoinLion, LLC Lockout Periods:

1 year: 100%

2 years: 75%

3 years: 50%

4 years: 25%

5 years: 0%


LION held for ongoing development will be used at the discretion of CoinLion to fund continual research and advancements beyond the token sale, and is subject to a 1-year 100% lockup. The funds allocated for ongoing development are used for the implementation of new and emerging technologies to improve the performance of the platform. This includes technologies that allow for atomic swaps and aggregation of liquidity from existing exchanges.


The contract mints tokens as they are purchased, so there will be no unsold tokens.


Website : https://coinlion.com/

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/coin_lion

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/CoinLion.official/


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