The main decentralized inventive arrangement in which the genuine economy and the cryptographic money world blended. Beginning from the drink advertise, Beverage Cash means to make a biological community that will end up being the standard for the combination of the genuine economy and the digital currency world.

The principle issue of digital currency is their coordination into the genuine economy. The insurgency has just happened, and the cryptographic money economy is progressively being brought into regular day to day existence, however the issue remains: the volume of advanced monetary forms aggregated in the market currently sums to several billions of dollars, yet there is as yet an exceptionally restricted probability of utilizing them as installment for merchandise and enterprises.

To take care of this issue, a decentralized stage was made to exchange product tokens, 100% anchored mixed refreshments.



Natural application that is basic and available to new clients.

The social segment – network individuals (specialists, authorities, wholesalers, makers of mixed refreshments, and so forth.) get compensation from the prize reserve through brilliant contracts for their accomplishments and proposals.

Restriction – the capacity, with the assistance of geolocation, to appropriate parts and clients adjacent, to get in touch with them utilizing the implicit delegate and, if important, to meet to make an arrangement.

The powerlessness to control a trust rating is a one of a kind arrangement that takes out any control.

Security – brilliant contracts shield clients and their advantages from abuse.

Straightforwardness – all exchanges are made on the blockchain.

Moment installments – shrewd contracts convey cash between members instantly after the exchange.

Biological community

Socialization of the stage and the improvement on its premise of a wide environment is the most critical component of achievement. The stage is intended to meet the necessities of an extensive variety of members in the liquor market and digital money network.


Speculators – private and institutional. For them, the buy of exceedingly fluid resources safeguards their digital money capital against misfortunes and brings benefit. Speculation portfolios with the most astounding benefit will be granted with a venture trust container from bronze to platinum.

Merchants have the chance to guess available without purchasing a great deal. They are granted with different statuses for the most dynamic and gainful work – from a learner dealer to a master.

Makers of mixed refreshments have the chance to offer their mixed drinks delivered on the stage.

Gatherers and merchants have the chance to exchange their mixed refreshments on the stage.

Specialists assess the nature of beverages, their potential value, taste, uncommonness of the beverage, distribute suppositions, investigates tasting, grants and other data. Contingent upon the level of trust and action, they get installment for their productions from the prize reserve.

Customers purchase drinks for further transportation to the predefined area.

Promoters. Any of the members in the liquor showcase and related zones can promote their items on the stage. The promoting store is disseminated among the most dynamic members.

Outsider designers can make applications for any gadget utilizing the API.


The aggregate estimation of parcels has 2 segment value changes:

Expanding or diminishing the quantity of parcels — expanding the quantity of parts by adding new parcels to the stage — decreasing the quantity of parts by offering parcels or pulling back parts from the deal.

The expansion in the expense of a mixed refreshment after some time is because of the aging of liquor in barrels and bottles and the uncommonness of sharp mixed drinks after some time. The market cost of Beverage Cash (BCCT) is figured utilizing the accompanying recipe:


BCCTp is the cost of a coin of a mixed refreshment.

Mv is the aggregate market estimation of loads of beverages on a stage in US dollars.

ETHp is the market estimation of ETH in US dollars.

BCCTt is the aggregate number of coins issued for drinks.

At the ICO organize, the token is sold at a settled cost: 1BCCT = 0.0002 ETH

The market cost of the coin is recalculated as per the aggregate estimation of the parts set on the stage progressively.


Add up to parcel cost 50M USD

Measure of Beverage Cash (BCCT) Issued: 150,425,700

Value ETH = $ 600 BCCT = (50,000,000/600)/150,425,700 = 0.0055 ETH

With a stage of parcels worth 500M USD, Beverage Cash value (BCCT) will be 0.0553 ETH.

Add up to volume: 150,425,700 BCCT.

Number for open market: 97,776,705 BCCT

Private deal: 12% – 11,733,205 – BONUS half

Pre-deal: 18% – 17,599,807-BONUS 25%

Fundamental deal: 70% – 68,443,693 – BONUS 10% – 0%

Delicate Cap – 1,500 ETH

Hard Cap – 30,000 ETH

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