//ARCBLOCK A big portion for the ordinary people

ARCBLOCK A big portion for the ordinary people

Higher involvement

The arcblock is not a mere cryptocurrency where traders will grasp little profits from. The concept is focused on areas where none of the earlier concepts could touch. Most of the concepts relating to cryptocurrencies focused mostly on whale investors on their projects. But the Ark focus not only upon the whale investors, the Ark crew focus a lot on ordinary people as well.

The project is intending to produce a Fast secure Core technology and practical solutions for real people. Which will be helpful in increasing the involvement of community towards this project.

As a result of this increased involvement, the entire crypto platform will be benefited which will result in the development of the mass economy.


Ark, in a flash

Ark crew is composed of representatives from all the spheres in the community. This is concentrating skills from all the spheres under a single platform. One of the most convincing features of the technology is the underlying token. It is secured by a cryptographic blockchain network which is running on a delegated proof of stake consensus algorithm developed by Bitshares. This system has many improvements over DPoS implementations.

Smart Bridge

The concept of Smart bridge Is also interesting. This is having the potential to make connections among different eco-systems. Such a system will be helpful to communicate with validated blockchains.

What we experience now are idealized networks moving independently with very less connection to each other. But the Concept will bridge many networks with each other. This will mainly focus on platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk. This will affect a rapid growth in the eco-system much more than what it is anticipating at the moment.


Be safe!

The security has been a major concern of the project. Already, the crypto platform has got considerable security for the users. By continuous risk analysis, the security is taken to another level. And also, the platform intends to provide optional privacy for the users.  This will enable more users to enter the cryptocurrency markets with minimal risk engagement. The verification systems and customizable privacy levels are added advantages of which the users can experience. The requirement that is demanding from the modern technological users is provided by this platform.


In every nook and corner!

The platform is designed with an interface which possesses an interface which is extremely user-friendly. So far many users regarding cryptocurrency trading have found the interface to be a burden in fulfilling the required tasks. This is most often visible in ordinary users and newbies. The simplicity of the interface will encourage them to be a part of the crypto market.

One of the most promising features of the platform is that it is a derivative of most successful platforms. But still, the concept carries many improvements which were noticed in cryptocurrency blockchains such as Lisk, Crypti and Bitshares.

The transaction fees observed in many of the platforms are unbearable for ordinary users who invest only a small amount of money in the platform. But the Ark platform has developed an architecture which will cost much fewer fees per transaction. This is indeed a giant leap forward by the Ark community. In the meantime, this system will benefit large-scale users as well. They will observe extremely higher profits when associating with Ark Platform rather than any other platform in use!

The concept is expected to rise to very high standards in time to come. Most of the people are interested in the project and already are getting involved in the project by taking part ICO.


The token Distribution

The project is composed of 125 million Ark tokens, the distribution is so that initially 75% of the total tokens will be distributed in the ICO process. The tokens are Ethereum based. Although the ICO is priced at some price level, the prices are expected to reach very high levels once the project starts its proceeding officially. Therefore, the competition for the ICO is expected to be very high.


Ba a part of Arcblock

Website : https://www.arcblock.io/

Whitepaper : https://www.arcblock.io/file/whitepaper/WhitePaperEnV2_en-US.pdf?v=4

Ann tread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2699379


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