//About the undertaking

About the undertaking

Trex token is another stage, which will be manufactured utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. The focal point of the designers is one near their heart. It is an undertaking committed to performers and endeavors to take care of an essential issue for developing specialists. Through Trex Token, performers will have the chance to create their own tunes and audience members will appreciate and tune in to the new substance of any gadget they have. Trex Token will offer the client the likelihood to utilize the stage in a few different ways, from free transmission, to demands for gifts, installments and inclusion of publicizing supports.


Our vision is to make another progressive brand connected to the transmission of music that is not quite the same as some other stage.

Issue When a craftsman makes another individual or melodic collection, he should contribute his opportunity to make that piece from a unique plan to the item. They fund it with their very own cash, contact a record name with the expectation that they are keen on the tune, contributing it and distributing it to get the most deals. This takes numerous months prior to the outcomes can be accomplished.

The Trex Token arrangement has tackled issues for the craftsman by enabling them to transfer their melodies without the requirement for a record mark. The craftsman can get gifts in TXT tokens that can be changed over into money or can help support the advancement of their own bit of music. Specialists can likewise gain salary from the attention created by their bit of music and from the resale of their own melodies. This will be strengthened by the interpersonal organization made on the Trex Token stage and the steadfastness of the fans.


1 buy to download

2 100% straightforward

3 sovereignty installments

Token data

Trex Token (image: TXT) will be utilized as money in our stage and, thusly, will be utilized for gifts and buys. Utilizing the chain of squares Ethereum, our locale can get installments securely and rapidly, wiping out the irritating issues and the gradualness of the guardian monetary forms.

Group: 10% We have appointed 20% of the TXT tokens to the establishing proprietor and the group. This reserve will be hindered for a time of a half year; At the finish of the a half year, the TXT tokens will be opened in groups of roughly 2-3% every month.

Guide – 3% To ensure the accomplishment of our crowdfunding, we have saved a 7% support for our consultants and related expenses.


August 2018 Preparing ICO (Whitepaper, site) October 2018 TXT list in a few trades December 2018 TXT adaptation March 2019 site TXT form in iOS April 2019 Integrated satchel in iOS July 2019 Android application November 2019 Release variant 1.0 (the client can utilize VTXT to purchase tunes)

For more information, please visit links below
Website :https://www.trextokens.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.trextokens.com/assets/Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trextokenofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/trex_token
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/Icr6vREfynTeCZuH-DsyIg

Bitcointalk Username: anja96
Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1503069