Muzika Network is a music Blockchain venture, which has been based on a current business and worldwide music stages with a large number of clients and fans crosswise over many countries, with music craftsmen from the globe, we go for changing the advanced music industry with the making of another computerized music environment. Muzika Network venture is driven by Forbes-granted and Informatics Olympiad colleagues and embraced by the absolute most persuasive financial specialists in South Korea and Asia. The Muzika Network token economy will be upheld up by regularly developing populace of network clients and fans. Muzika Network intends to give performers the best of the two universes: a higher commission rate for their innovative substance and a solid client base. Muzika Network has built up a solid framework for boosting fans to add to the Muzika biological community.

These motivators will manufacture the client base important for Muzika to give both higher commissions to specialists alongside the mass client base of customary music spilling destinations. The system impact from a mass client base will be simply the way to building up a self-sufficient, managing biological community. At the end of the day, Muzika can give performers 90% of $1,000. Muzika has effectively made huge accomplishments towards the improvement of supportable answer for wasteful aspects in the computerized music industry.


Community fabricating: the MZK token is utilized as a motivating force to advance more noteworthy interest among network individuals. Individuals discover the MZK token to conceptualize, trade criticism and the sky is the limit from there.

Transmitters of business merchandise and enterprises: Participants in the environment can trade computerized music, music, instrumentation, voice recording and additionally utilizing MZK tokens.

Sponsorship openings: Users can support craftsmen and move toward becoming clients by paying a month to month membership expense for their substance utilizing the MZK token. Clients will get selective access to the items and administrations given by the craftsman. They will likewise be more associated with the innovative procedure of music.

Community programs: the MZK Card will likewise back network projects and occasions, for example, tryouts, rivalries, live communicates, and so forth. Every one of these exercises add to fortifying the Muzika Network.

The engineers intend to make a free, independent biological system, in which the principle on-screen characters will be craftsmen and audience members, in which all prizes will be straightforward and merited. The biological system comprises of savvy contacts, through which entertainers and audience members among themselves will reasonably and straightforwardly trade melodic items. The Blockchain and keen contracts on the stage will be utilized to anchor the copyright of entertainers.

Understudies will likewise get a honor in the tokens of the MZK stage for partaking in different challenges and different occasions. They will have the capacity to vote in favor of the best entertainer and specifically support them, urging them to make new music content. All instruments accessible on the stage will fill in as the current existing delegates despite wholesalers and distributers and reasonably circulate pay for top notch music content.


a. Web-based social networking sparing the broke performer from the advertising endeavors and building their name, nonetheless, the other side of associating with fans by means of web-based social networking is that since individuals are likes your video in online life or sharing your video does not imply that they are purchasing tickets to your shows. Along these lines having 500,000 Facebook fans imply that you’ll offer 500,000 show tickets.

b. Ask performers how they profit nowadays, and they will state, “Unrecorded music.” truth be told, approach any individual who never pays for recorded music how they bolster the artists they cherish and they’ll say, “I go to their shows.” However, there’s one noteworthy separate, playing live costs artists cash. A ton of cash.

c. Artists can bring home the bacon making music without marking with a record name nowadays. Along these lines, endeavoring of a group including directors, PR, operators, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Despites of this recently discovered opportunity, performers frequently keep running into the test of pulling in consideration from the colleagues they need.


Then other music Blockchain extends by and large spotlight on distributed exchange, we accept such procedure is an insightfully juvenile and mechanically shallow use of Blockchain and is unequipped for changing the entire business because of its absence of system impact – a gross preferred standpoint that current stages and gatherings like Spotify, iTunes, and Universal Music hold. The businesses can’t be recovered basically by presenting a framework that enable a bigger offer of income to artists – the key lies in the fans. The fans need to participate in the framework all together for the net income to be important. For instance, 10% of 100 dollars from iTunes is superior to 80% of 10 dollars from an autonomous distributed exchange framework. Rather than an exchange instrument that we name the first era music Blockchain, we immovably trust that the arrangement lies in the foundation of a self-managing, this harmonious music network with the end goal to really move the current power structure towards decentralization – we are building the Token Economy for Music, the second era of music Blockchain.

Muzika Network will alter the music business by setting up a self-managing and honest computerized music biological community that will

(1) Eliminate superfluous middle people,

(2) engage artists and customers,

(3) Decentralize conveyance control, and

(4) Restore the monetary parity among market players. Muzika holds the guarantee of a future where monetary pay for a melodic creation winds up relative to the exertion and commitment put into the innovative procedure. The whitepaper is spread out point by point depiction of the biological community structure.

a. Past Attempts Failed to Secure Large User base:

Past music Blockchain ventures have disregarded the significance of an extensive client base to accomplish wide scale appropriation. This task have exhibited that it is conceivable to give a higher commission rate to specialists for their work utilizing Smart Contract exchanges. In any case, for specialists, the low commission rate offered from customary music gushing applications that had colossal client base were more alluring than Blockchain applications utilizing Smart Contract exchanges. For example, a 10% commission of $1,000 from iTunes was desirable over 90% commission of $1 from a Smart Contract exchange.

b. Muzika Will Create a New Economy to Incentivize the Users:

Muzika Network expects to give artists the best of the two universes: a higher commission rate for their imaginative substance and a solid client base. Muzika has built up an extremely solid framework for boosting fans to add to the Muzika biological community. These impetuses will construct the client base essential for Muzika to give both higher commissions to specialists alongside the mass client base of customary music spilling destinations. The system impact from a mass client base will be simply the way to building up a self-sufficient, managing biological system. Hence, Muzika can furnish performers with 90% of $1,000.

c. We Have Done It Before:

Muzika has officially made critical accomplishments towards the advancement of reasonable answer for wasteful aspects in the computerized music industry. In 2015, fellow benefactors of Muzika saw an open door in the online instrumental music industry and began online instrumental music stage Mapia Company. In a little more than 3 years, Mapia Company has turned into the #1 worldwide instrumental music stage with more than 2 million clients. Muzika will expand upon this current client base and network.


• Smart Contracts For Transparent And Fair Distribution:

The Smart contract will permit programmed and moment exchange of tokens. It’s No longer sit tight for end-of month to get steadfastness focuses or stress over if exchange of tokens was reasonable and precisely disseminated.

• The Content Ownership Right:

With the utilization of Blockchain Technology, all substance data (e.g. proprietors) will be safely spared in the database which will enable invested individuals to check if there are any undisputable record of who is the legitimate proprietor of what content, consequently ensuring possession right.

Add up to number of tokens: 1,000,000,000

Add up to number of tokens available to be purchased: 205,000,000

% available to be purchased: 20.5 %

Hard-top: 20,000 ETH


In end: its a well known fact to anybody that there is a considerable measure of cash in the music business, which is the reason there are various issues that keep performers from getting sufficient compensation for their work. Be that as it may, with the approach of such a stage as Muzika, this issue may vanish, since this environment gives reasonable prizes thrah78ough the utilization of Blockchain innovation and brilliant contracts. Considering the way that the folks from the group have been cooperating for quite a while and right now have a working item with a huge gathering of people far and wide, everything should work out for them.

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