VR Motion Communications (MoCo) is a dynamic correspondence organize that will change the way wherein you give on the web. In the huge sort out, we will exhibit the world’s first covert 3D Avatar Chat and Creator’s Market.

The MoCo Platform’s online Marketplace will join both an Official Store where customers can purchase official picture related substance, and a Free Marketplace where customers can change their very own uncommon extraordinary picture related substance.

In the going with stage, the MoCo Platform and progress will enable colossal scale, synchronous telecom of Live, 4K/8K, 360° Real Time VR spouting events far and wide, for instance, World Cup Soccer organize ups, the Super Bowl, and sold-out shows by top estimation entertainers suddenly side of the world. It will similarly make an all around remarkable VTuber universe – yet in 3D – where customers can in like manner change their creativity and gifts.

In the last progression of our stage improvement, we will join our A.I. Video Compression, AI Automatic 2D-3D change, and A.I. headway get drives, to make it plausible for customers to enter the VR space using only their web cameras or PDAs. Customers will in like manner have the choice to make their own changed Avatars or Character bots and move around in, make and experience customer made virtual RooMs, and speak with their family or contribute essentialness with their associates.

Customers will more likely than not make and change their own remarkable copyrighted substance, supported by the MoCo cryptographic cash token. In setting on blockchain headway, the MoCo Platform and the MoCo Token will allow the development and gaining and selling of remarkable substance in a savvy, safe, and secure trademark structure. Individuals and affiliations will most likely meet and talk with others wherever all through the world safely, and they will in like manner have the decision to make their own special interesting adjusted economies utilizing their own one of a kind capacities and examinations, and offer in secure exchange with each other also.


MoCo’s perilous key sorts of advancement will open up a tremendous expansiveness of new correspondence possibilites.

With our dynamic improvement, we will pass on people far and wide progressively like each other by connecting with them to take a gander at consistently and constantly – and covertly, if they pick online through their extraordinary Avatars, and inside the VR space as 4K sifted adjustments of themselves, much proportionate to there are genuinely “there.”

In this time of what might be apparently inside simple achieve, customers will even have the choice to use most by far of MoCo’s bewildering A.I.- based innovative mechanical gatherings to cause their own outstanding to re-try social or private virtual universes, and adjust them, besides!

A.I. Video Compression

This progression can diminish 4K/8K content data to 1/100th ~ 1/1000th its superb size, while giving lossless video quality (this joins 2D and 3D video substance)

This improvement attracts colossal scale scattering and advancement of 3D and 4K/8K Live and recorded substance, (for instance, 3D pictures, spouting video, and even 360° VR content), to TV’s and PCs and PDAs over the Internet

Patent Status: Issued (see White Paper for more nuances)

A.I Motion Capture (A.I.- based 2D→ 3D Automatic Conversion System)

Through Image Analysis and Machine-learning movement, and the social event of visual and material data, we will all the more then likely offer a Visual Information x A.I. Structure that start in the no so out of reach past, has never been endeavored by anyone. This headway gets live improvement and minute advancements dependably through web cameras and phones, and after that learns it and makes an appreciation of it into a HD 3D depiction (both for 3D Avatar Chat system and later stage 4k+ live, dismembered VR understanding) of the basic subject which would then have the decision to be moved and controlled using only a remote or web camera.

Patent Status: Filed and Pending (see White Paper for more nuances)


The MoCo Platform is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional errand whose every improvement of headway changes the world to some degree more. It does in that limit by pulverizing old faultless models and making new potential results.

The principal improvement is to give the world’s first – obscure 3D Avatar Chat and Creator’s Market where customers can permit, make, buy and sell safely and securely

In the going with stage, MoCo will begin live-spouting visit and various affiliations which will totally trouble the present video spilling and video tuber models.

The last improvement will be to make striking 4K/3D VR correspondence plausible for anyone that confirms a phone or web camera, from wherever on the planet

With the MoCo token, customers will no uncertainty purchase and offer one of a kind thing and purchase in to any spouting substance quickly and capably and with no catastrophe in quality. All Avatar and Video substance will be administered by the blockchain to check and direct copyrights.


15% Team and Advisors

20% Marketing/Sales Distribution

20% Crowd Sale

20% Community Reserve

25% Company Reserve

Proceeds with ALLOCATION

15% Reserve

10% Legal

20% Marketing

20% Infrastructure

20% Software

20% Product


2018/Q1 Birth of the idea for the MoCo Platform

2018/Q2 Seed

2018/Q2 Pre-Sale 1

2018/Q3 Established “MoMoco” undertaking to develop World’s first Anonymous 3D SNS Avatar application

2018/Q3 first profitable weight and Live Streaming of 4K/5MBPS/60FPS (only 3-10 second deferment)

2018/Q4 first gainful weight and Live Streaming of 4K/5MBPS/60FPS (360°)

2018/Q4 first beneficial 3D separate with single camera using human subject

2018/Q4 Pre-Sale 3

2018/Q4 Pre-Sale 4

2019/Q2 Crowd Sale Start

2020/Q1 MoMoCo 3D Avatar App first Mock-up

2020/Q4 MoMoCo App Open Beta Launch in App Stores

2021/Q3 MoMoCo Marketplace Launch

2021/Q3 Fight Club Game Launch

2022/Q1 MoMoCoin = Moco Token Exchange System Launch

2022/Q1 MoMoCoin = Moco Token Exchange System Launch

Social event

NAOTO YOKOUCHI: CEO and Business Planning




Scratching MORRIS: Creative Development Ambassador

CORINA LAZARESCU: Overseas PR and Partner Development Manager

CYNTHIA KOSHIN: Operations Support Manager/Chinese Market PR

ROMA SENISHIN: Blockchain Technology Visionary and Project Manager; Dappband

MISHA EFIMETS: Blockchain Architect and Decentralized Web Developer; Dappband

MICHAEL LOBONOV: Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Developer; Dappband

JUN MIYAZAKI: AI (Deep Learning), RPA, IoT System Consultant

YUTAKA SAIKI: Blockchain Team Advisor and Coordinator



As an assistant, сan you instruct us concerning your activity in the ICO experience?

Im the CTO and manage the blockchain get-togethers, thing improvement social affairs, site and dashboard advance, etc. I furthermore support and abroad the specific bits of token errand in like manner as customer support, and the official site and social channels.

What’s your tendency about idea?

Im the CTO and manage the blockchain get-togethers, thing improvement social gatherings, site and dashboard development, etc. I in like manner support and abroad the particular bits of token advancement additionally as customer support, and the official site and social channels.


Site: https://www.mocotoken.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k3iacnz2az6q916/VR_Motion_Communications_official_whitepaper.pdf?dl=0

Message: https://t.me/MoCo_VR

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoCoVirtualReality/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoCo_VR

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bitcointalk user : anja96